Friday, August 12, 2011


Finally, I have joined the Kindle world -- and I must say after just a couple of days, I am greatly impressed by the product! Downloads using Kindle's Whispernet over WiFi are both fast and easy to use. I especially enjoy and recommend personalizing the font size and type for easier viewing (depending on your eyesight).
I strongly advise all authors to utilize the Kindle platform to publish an electronic version of your books. Whatever your field of interest, Kindle is sure to enorkmously increase sales and readership for you.
Considering the overall lower prices of books in the Kindle format, lots of great books are worth purchasing, but there is a vast number of both free or inexpensive books acvailable to download. See here for more info on free classics for example:
One other useful benefit is the custom e-mail feature. You'll get a personalized e-mail address which you can use to send PDFs, Word documents, and even JPEGs or GIFs direct to your Kindle.
I also signed up for free 14-day trials for a number of big newspapers, such as the New York Times or the National Post. Every morning when you turn on your Kindle's WiFi, Amazon's Whispernet will immediately update your Kindle with new newspaper subscriptions. It is so nice to have the world's newspapers at your fingertips every morning.
Finally, my first purchase and download was my own latest book "Kruger's Gold". I am enjoying it all over again in its Kindle format. See here for more info about it in its new -- and less expensive --electronic verson: