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for business, advertisers, and websites

Get your advertising copy, business communications, web site content, or sales materials written for you -- faster, easier, by a thorough-going professional.

Assign those rush copywriting chores to a skilled, reliable business writer. My name is Sidney Allinson, and I’m a pro at helping people to produce communications material:- advertisements * brochures * web site content * sales letters * software manuals * direct mail * technical literature * speeches * newsletters * movies/video scripts * press-releases * editing


When you or your clients need clear fresh sales copy that persuasively explains products and services ... when you need extra help with copywriting and creative direction in print or broadcast media, or on-line ... when you could use honest, straight-forward counsel about your own writing ... That’s when you can benefit from my abilities as a communicator who simply gets things done. Fast, accurately, on time.


You gain from my over 35 years' experience -- as creative director and copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Inc., and three other international ad agencies in Toronto, New York, London, and Rio de Janeiro; sales-getting writer of direct-mail letters, successful webmaster, promotion manager; movie producer, magazine editor, published author of six books, TV series script-writer, newspaper columnist, and senior government advisor.

Now you can hire me to create persuasive advertising or public relations campaigns based on the truth well told; write technical literature that explains things clearly, speeches that reflect your personality and message, direct mail that pulls orders, or collateral brochures that bring out convincing benefits. If you have already prepared web site copy or documentation that requires editing or written a book that could use some editing or frank advice, I can provide that for you as well.

Ask me for a free estimate up-front. No obligation.

For reliable help with all your business communications,

advertising copy, or web site content, call the professional:

Sidney Allinson

tel: (250) 478-0457

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