Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Like, uh, you know?

Future historical novelists writing about the 2011 era

will likely have the devil of a time trying to recapture or

comprehend the everyday speech patterns of our time.

Why did our young abandon speaking in straight, coherent,

confident, declaritive sentences? Why do people now speak

so tentatively? Our so-called “cool” way of talking will

surely challenge future novelists.

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Tom Parrett said...

I totally agree, man. "Kids today" are always, like, not. Know what I mean? See what I'm saying? It's like, yeah. Awesome.

Arguably, modern kids have always been laconic. Beatnik: Cool, daddy; too much, I'm hip. Hippie: Groovy; far out, man. Disco: Get down with that jive, funky. Etc.

But that's just the slang talking, and slang's for hiding something -- who you really are, stupidity, fear -- and that need is universal.

Is there something different about 21st century kids? Has media become so omnipresent it's dumbing down all conversation? That's a good question.