Friday, March 18, 2011


Writing projects often require knowing how many words will be required for the finished project. To estimate wordage, count the exact number of words on the first three pages of your manuscript (in manuscripts up to 25 pages), divide total by three and multiply the result by the number of pages. Carry the total to the nearest 100 words. (Note: every word counts. The word "a" counts as a word. Abbreviated words count as one word.) For example, say you have a 12-page manuscript with totals of 182, 316 and 289 words on the first three pages. Divide your total of 787 by 3 to get 262. Now multiply 262 x 12 pages and you get 3,144. You approximate wordage, therefore, will be 3,100 words. On manuscripts over 25 pages, count five pages instead of three, then follow the same process, dividing by 5 instead of 3.

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